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It has always been our core value to share our wealth and resources with our fellow friends in need. We firmly believe that together as one, we can revolutionize humanity. IS Capital Holdings has been involving in different charity work and one of them was providing financial aid to our neighboring country, Indonesia, when Lombok faced the earthquake in 2018. Together with our partners, we managed to fund the construction of minor roads, shelters, and schools for the affected community there

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In 2020, IS Capital Holdings together with our partners from New Hope Community came into an agreement to conduct monthly charity drives to distribute daily necessities to those in need. To enhance our mission, we donate 5% of our distributions sales profit to New Hope Community Services (NHCS). NHCS was registered as a charity in 2004, focusing on empowering homeless Singaporeans to assist them alleviate their situation beyond just providing a shelter. The ultimate goal is to infuse them with real hope to see their lives changed.


As a firm believer in enriching the youth, IS Capital Holdings has also agreed to sponsor the National Silat Athletes for a few of their events such as their World Record 24hr Pencak Silat Display. We support the evolvement of youth through sports as it builds character and cultivates the development of strategic thinking, analytical thinking, and leadership skills.

IS Capital Holdings has also sponsor a price cheque in the Mediacorp Suria Singing Competition called Project Lagu to support the music industry in Singapore together as to assist our local talents in capitalising on their passion.

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We firmly believe that our next generation will shape our future. Moving forward, we are aggressively seeking opportunities and projects to further involve ourselves in social work and sponsorships. We are planning to work hand in hand with various non-profit organizations and educational groups in Singapore and Indonesia as our form of contribution to the society.

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