Parallel Lines



Founding Director, Chairman, IS Capital Holdings 

Indra Sofian started his journey at the age of 16 years old when he was pursuing his diploma in Business Management. He saw an opportunity amongst his foreign peers who were alone in Singapore, he then decided to manage a small scale business providing them with both networking and hospitality opportunities which attracted and later on sold to a Venture Capital firm in Indonesia.


Indra Sofian is an alumnus of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Australia, majoring in Business. Upon completion, he gained his experience working for a top financial firm in Singapore. Being the youngest Senior Consultant in his firm, he served clients ranging from middle class to high net-worth individuals. Eventually, he decided to start up IS Capital Holdings Private Limited.

Today, IS Capital Holdings boasts a portfolio of 12 companies under his leadership both in Singapore and Indonesia partnering with financial corporations from the United Kingdom, New York, Dubai,  South Africa & Germany.

Being a Social Activist, he has worked together with various Governmental agencies & Ministers in Singapore to further improve & achieve a social change in the educational sector. He was also elected to lead the Youth wing under Taman Bacaan, a governmental agency under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

With his extroverted personality, experiential range of foreign networks and holistic expertise in the financial market, he is looking forward to further expand IS Capital Holdings globally.



Chief Financial Director, IS Capital Holdings

Balvin Singh, graduated with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma from the American School of Bombay. He further pursued a Business Management diploma in Singapore where he was awarded the Certificate of Commendation for achieving top 5% of the cohort.This opened up a pathway for him to pursue his major in Accounting and Finance at the University of London. His interests in financial investments led him to obtain the second class before further pursuing his passion with a professional accounting qualification by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), achieving the Affiliate status.


Upon completion, Balvin gained his experience working for a major accounting firm in Singapore where his tasks include managing accounts for big industrial players and dealing with various corporate and legal matters. He was also a key man tagged to a investment holding firm where his role was to analyse and access investment opportunities for the firm.


With his wide range of knowledge and expertise in the financial and investments market, he firmly believe IS Capital Holdings can scale globally.


Business Development Director, IS Capital Holdings,

Chief Operations Officer, Draveen Distributions Pte Ltd

Praveen graduated with a Bachelor of Business in Accountancy, specializing in financial and managerial accounting. He previously gained his experience as an audit associate by working for one of the big four accounting firms in Singapore,
Ernst & Young, Singapore.

During the course of his career, he has held various executive roles, one of them being an assistant financial manager in a MAS - CMS licensed firm, Trust Capital Advisors Investment Management Private Limited.

Having a strong passion for investments and developments, Praveen will be set to lead IS Capital Holdings to assist the growth of the group’s assets & procurement lists.