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IS Capital Holdings focuses on management consultancy as our core business ranging from corporations to individuals. We see the consultancy sector as a lucrative industry to upscale and capitalise. Currently, our main focus is on the F&B sector in Singapore.


Our mission is to instil the right business infrastructure by targeting the precise focal points in the organisation thus allowing them to scale to greater heights. Our core idea is to tap on specific areas in the business sector. We believe that with precision planning and execution, businesses can stay ahead of their competitors.  


The MAD Curators:

Marketing Advertising Designing 



We provide management services to businesses who needs a consultant to further improve their business structure. Business structure refers to Marketing & Development, Supply Chain, Human Resources & Inventory supplies.



included providing our clients with a proper business framework. We will interview their teams and identify their strengths and potential by allocating various roles and positions for individuals.



Currently, IS Capital Holdings is looking to offer Franchising as one of our services. This pivots on F&B joints that aspire to franchise their business locally.